Art Paintings

Oksana Davyda Art-Maria
Oksana Davyda's art is unique and highly personalized. Her collections include "Goddesses", "Rhasody", "Wisdom", "Contrast", "Four Seasons" and "Four Elements". Shown here to the left is "Maria", an inspired representation of Madonna and Child from Oksana's Goddesses Collection,
measuring 24" x 30".

Born in the ancient city of Lviv, Ukraine, Oksana grew up amid the beauty of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
Her paintings reflect her European art and fashion education and experience.

Oksana Davyda Art-Scent of a SunOn her canvases, Oksana weaves stories of passion, love, beauty and poetry with gold, copper and silver leaf which adds glimmering energy and warmth. Each piece is unique and unforgettable.  The gold writing calligraphy you see on some of Oksana's  paintings are the beautiful words of William Shakespeare's sonnets.

Many of Oksana's pieces are currently in private collections in the United States and Europe. Her last art exhibits took p
lace in California and Oregon.  Shown right is "Scent of a Sun".

Please visit the Galleries Page for these and more photos of Oksana's art. Paintings start at $1,300. If you'd like to commission a painting please contact Oksana.