Fashion Designs

Oksana Davyda FashionsOksana Davyda's garments are all custom made, hand knitted designs completed with painstaking precision to emphasize feminine beauty through flowing or fitted shapes and feature deep, saturated colors.

The main idea of Oksana Davyda's Haute Couture collections is sophisticated jeweled fashion for a women's beauty. Notice how the rich colors and silken, interlaced textures caress the bodies of Oksana's models. Her designs are dramatic and extravagant, sure to make any woman the center of attention.

Oksana Davyda FashionsContact Oksana for a private consultation. Visit Oksana's Gallery for more great photos of her work.

Oksana will never forget the surprised reaction from the audience at her fashion show in Paris. She was told that "such beautiful dresses could not be done anywhere but in France..." -- Culture News

"Oksana Davyda's designs define a woman's uniqueness. Her dresses make a woman look and feel beautiful". -- The famous French fashion critic A. Vasiliev witnessed Oksana's talent at the International Design Festival "Leopolis" where her "Haute Couture" line was presented. -- Fashion daily in Ukraine

Oksana Davyda was recognized as a 2005 Unanimous Choice Celebrity Recipient of Los Angeles Music Awards for Fashion Designer of the Year for her "Goddess in Motion" collection. The audience was ecstatic when Oksana Davyda's Fashion House models demonstrated the sheer, see-through evening dresses which accentuated the flawless lines of her designs.

Oksana's work has been exhibited in France, Poland, Ukraine, Los Angeles and Miami.