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Oksana Davyda
OKSANA DAVYDA - a 2005 Unanimous Choice Celebrity Recipient of Los Angeles Music Awards for Fashion Designer of the Year - started her art and fashion design career when she graduated in 1987 as a painter/designer of tapestry from Lviv State Academy of Art (Textile Design, Applied and Decorative Art, Diploma with Honor, Master Degree of Art) in Ukraine.

She was participating in Art Tapestry exhibition in Europe and USA. In 1997 she opened the "Oksana Davyda Studio" in Lviv and presented her hand made Fashion Collection in Ukraine, Poland, France. In 2003 she moved to USA and worked in Los Angeles,CA

On Nov 9th, 2005, Oksana Davyda was recognized as a 2005 Unanimous Choice Celebrity Recipient of Los Angeles Music Awards for Fashion Designer of the Year for her "Goddess in Motion" collection. She was presented with this award by Al Bowman, the founder of Los Angeles Music Awards at the Music Box Theatre, in Hollywood, in front of Music Legends like Spenser Davis, George Lynch, C.C. DeVille. Mitch Perry and local Indie artists being awarded for their accomplishments for this year.

Oksana Davyda FashionsThe audience was ecstatic when Oksana Davyda's Fashion House models demonstrated the sheer, see-through evening dresses which accentuated the flawless lines of Oksana's designs. Guests were surprised to learn a very important and unusual aspect regarding Oksana's designs ... that she works alone, without a team of tailors and stylists. Everything from initial sketch to a full blown fashion show is all Oksana's work. Every dress is made by her hand and every inch of an amazing silk lace was knitted personally by Oksana. It's hard to find somebody in the fashion business today who can do the same.

Oksana continues to create new handwork designs in her newly found artistic freedom. She believes that injecting beauty into the world can help make people more beautiful and kinder to each other with a greater awareness and hope for the future.

The main idea of Oksana Davyda's Haute Couture collections is sophisticated jeweled fashion for a women's beauty. Notice how the rich colors and silken, interlaced textures caress the bodies of Oksana's models. Her designs are dramatic and extravagant, sure to make any woman the center of attention.

Oksana will never forget the surprised reaction from the audience at her fashion show in Paris. She was told that "such beautiful dresses could not be done anywhere but in France..." -- Culture News

Oksana Davyda Art-Wisdom 1Oksana says about her paintings:
My paintings are a reflection of my art experience in fashion design and classic "old fashioned" European art education. (Pictured here is "Wisdom 1", measuring 22" x 28")

I was born in the ancient city of Lviv, founded in 1256. I grew up in the beauty of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

On my canvas I'm weaving my stories of Passion, Love, Beauty and Poetry. The gold leaf I'm using in my work enriches my painting with energy and warmth. It's glimmering and shimmering .. like a night sky, like an ocean sunset, like good juzz music, like antique jewelry .. unique and unforgettable...

Many of Oksana's pieces are currently in private collections in USA and Europe. Her last art exhibits took place in California and Oregon.