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Oksana Davyda-SunshineOksaba Davyda Art-PassionOksana Davyda is an American-based artist and fashion designer originally from the Ukraine. Her beautiful paintings are oil on canvas, with gold, copper and silver leaf.

If you wish to make a purchase or for further information, please contact Oksana. Please also view her art and fashion designs by visiting her photo galleries.

Oksana also makes extraordinarily beautiful custom hand-knitted designs which turn any woman into a goddess. Her sophisticated rich colors display classic “red carpet” beauty.

Best Designer of the Year 2005 - Los Angeles Music Awards

Oksana Davyda FashionsBehold the exquisite, intricate art of fashion designer, Oksana Davyda.

Draped or fitted, sophisticated rich colors caress the wearer in ultimate style. These are classic "red carpet" designs.

As an artist, Oksana approached her fashions as a painter to a painting. She dresses bodies with pictures. Her niche is very narrow as she is trying to create designs for ideal bodies, and as such, caters to the models, stars and celebrities who are the icons for the rest of the world. Her clients include performing artists in films, TV, music videos, concerts, high end clubs and fundraisers.

Oksana says: "My designs are the key to defining a woman's soul". Art critics agreed that her dresses bring fresh air to an industry tired of "similarities".

Oksana's fashions were exhibited at shows in her homeland of Ukraine, in Poland and France and in the United States at Los Angleles and Miami.